BAM Fisher Digital Signage

The BAM Fisher building is a dynamic, flexible space for new programs, Brooklyn artists, and the community that opened in 2012.

The signage pieces below were created for the new building to showcase BAM’s diverse offering and wayfinding throughout the space.

My role: Original Concept, Design


Event Signage

The event signage at the BAM Fisher is situated on a digital screen in the main entrance of the building so that anyone walking by can catch a glimpse of the most upcoming events BAM-wide. The piece is programmed to continuously update and serve up the next twelve events happening at BAM.






Wayfinding Signage

The way-finding signage at the BAM Fisher plays on numerous digital screens throughout the building. The signs serve as evergreen visual directories of each floor and space. 


Different States

When there is an event happening on any of the floors, the event image, title, and time of the show feed into the template, replacing the evergreen image of the space.