BAM Cinema Pre-Show Signage

The BAM Cinema Pre-Show is a reel of varied BAM-centric content that plays before film screenings at the BAM Rose Cinemas in Brooklyn.

The goal was to create a consistent BAM-branded experience across all cinema pre-show content and to produce designed templates that are continuously updating. Several templates from the pre-show highlighted here are Events, Trivia, and Concessions.

My role: Original Concept & Strategy, Design, Motion Graphics


Creative Identity

The creative identity for the cinema pre-show was inspired by the early to mid 20th century age of the movie house—black and white pictures, bright lights, marquees, night-time glow, neon, and noir. With a nod to BAM’s historic building, the neo-noir approach provided a classic and sophisticated style indicative of BAM’s audiences.



BAM’s signature font, News Gothic, was used as a starting point to transform the type into a double line display face, mimicking the line quality of a neon sign. The type is used in each piece of the pre-show  to carry the identity throughout the entirety of the experience.



Below is a timeline showing how content might play throughout the course of the Pre-Show.