BAM 2016 Next Wave Festival Site

My role: Experience Design, Visual Design



Project Goals:

  • Create a tool to easily navigate the Next Wave Festival's wide array of offerings across multiple genres and months of performances.

  • Present a captivating, branded experience that gives the feeling of a festival.

  • Guide the user to be able to purchase single tickets easily.

  • With mobile traffic at 40%+,  create a mobile experience that does all of the above.




BAM needed an easy way for users to navigate a diverse offering of shows. The new quick cart feature on the landing page provides small snippets about a show and allows users to drill down into "MORE" content about a show or quickly "BUY" a ticket.

User Flow


By introducing sort functionality (by month, by genre, etc.), we can provide users with something more easy to navigate the diverse offering of performances.

Wireframe: Landing Page By Month

Desktop By Month Wire.png

Wireframe: Landing Page Quick Cart Module


Wireframe: Landing Page Mobile


The visual design of the site references Michael Beirut's redesign of the Next Wave identity. With largely cropped typography and shifting lines, it suggests the "next best thing coming over the horizon". Our hope is for user interactions and mouseovers to cause images to react in real time. Additionally, parallax could be used to give a sense of depth to the page elements.

Visual Design


Visual Design Iteration 1


Visual Design Iteration 2


Initial ideas put into motion to give a feeling for how a parallax site could move.

Password for video: nextwave

Motion Test