BAM 2015 Next Wave Festival Identity

In the 2015 season, we challenged BAM's adventurous audiences to—Take apart. Get lost. Explore. Much like the artists featured in the Next Wave Festival, we wanted to convey an identity that was shape-shifting, genre-defying, and constantly finding and redefining itself.

My role: Original Concept, Art Direction, Design, Motion Graphics


Festival Trailer


Produced by: BAM
Featuring: Chanon Judson
Creative Direction: Clara Cornelius
Art Direction: Ben Cohen, Alex Guns, Katie Positerry
Directed by: Derrick Belcham, Emily Terndrup
Music: Jeff Curtin
Motion Graphics: Katie Positerry



Shown here are several elements used throughout the campaign including a manifesto and several typographical studies.


It’s this but also that.
And yet neither.

It’s the overlapped, the in-between, 
the blurred.

It’s genres layered, yet legible—
a familiar alphabet made new.

It’s the Next Wave Festival—
art for right now.

Take apart. Get lost. Explore.



Six word stories

By experimenting with new ways to layer text and image, we've created new genre languages by writing short descriptors or “six word stories” for each show in the festival. Each provides an entry point for the audience member to delve a little deeper.

The BAM Next Wave Tumblr was created as a way to aggregate all Next Wave Festival content shared across BAM's social media.



Season Brochure